14 Shawwal 1441

Im a girl in a muslim uni and its mixed. Often i see my friends interacting with guys and hanging out and also having soo much fun.honestly i feel very lame because i only keep a few female friends. I always debate whether i should open up my personality and interact with them and also change my clothing style to fit in. Would i be sinful or do u have any advice to deal with uni life?

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In Character and Morals
Oct 19th, 2019


When scholars say that studying in a mixed school is prohibited, it is for this reason as such environment of free mixing and socializing weakens a person’s Iman and hardens their hearts. 

You have a choice between following the footsteps of the prophet salla allahu alalihi wa sallam and his companions when they stood against their societies norm and evil or to join the sinners and hypocrites.

To “fit in” would surely make you one of them and would qualify you to enter hell. All girls have curves and flesh they can expose as it doesn’t take much effort to do that! Few only can abide by the real hijab and resist the temptation of blending in with the rest of the crowd. This is why the price of paradise is expensive and only few are fortunate to enter it.

The choice is yours!

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