14 Shawwal 1441

How was our prophet’s house?nowadays,how should be the house?In bangladesh,relatives come frequently and stay 15,16 days,both male and female.we can’t say no to them,not even for maintaining hijab for our wives and girls,they are blind to islam.so we need guest,children(matured daughter),hall room beside bedroom,it is very costly,so,how did prophet managed this home issue?

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In Fiqh of the family
Sep 25th, 2019


The Prophet ﷺ home was very small to the extent that mother Aisha had to move her legs every time the Prophet ﷺ wanted to prostate in prayer. There is nothing prescribed as to how a house should be built however, the basic principle is there. Islam does not allow free mixing between genders, therefore, you must order the women in your household to abide by the full hijab and not mix with non-mahram men whatsoever. 

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