7 Safar 1442

I met a guy who has embraced Islam. He completes his 5 obligatory salah, reads the Qur’an everyday, learns and pays his zakah. I am born and raised as a Muslim. My brother (he is our mahram now) is revert wife, but he is not opening his door that I marry this revert man because he says our . More than anything, we both dont want to commit Zina thats why we want to make it right and halal

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In Invalid Marriages
Sep 10th, 2019


You are sinful for communicating with the non mahram. The person interested must approach your guardian who is your father. If your father is deceased, then your eldest brother becomes your guardian. If he doesn’t approve of him, you can’t marry him and must cut all communications with this non mahram and repent to Allah.

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