21 Dhul-Hijjah 1441

My mother thinks that daughters are just maids. We do all house chores.when she talk to us she start a conversation by shouting.she thinks that daughters are made just for the work.she never understands us.she gave priority to her sons.because of this i also give her reply by yelling when she yells first.i don’t want to shout but she talks like we are just garbage.will i b punish for yelling?

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Aug 31st, 2019


Of course you would be punished with hell fire for yelling at your mother as this is one of the major sins in Islam! 

Stop this immediately and apologize to your mother and never ever raise your voice or even roll your eyes in front of the parents if you want Allah to forgive you! 

Respect her, be humble towards her and expect the reward from Allah. 

Sheikh whenever my mother gets upset even for a small thing she could speak ill towards us, hurtful things. How can we stop her from this? Even if we try to tell her nicely if she is not angry or share to her lectures about this it seems that she never changes or realize that we can be hurt whenever she says negative things.She never apologises to us coz for her she’s our mother.

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