15 Rabi al-Thani 1442

sheikh I’m married since 12 yrs but I was forced to marry I dont want to continue this relationship but as I have a daughter I cant leave this relation i knw my husband will never leave me I want to marry my cousin due to this worry I cant sleep my health is getting affected kindly guide me.

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In Pre-Marital Relations
Aug 20th, 2019


Being in contact with your cousin is sinful if you were single, and it is even worse when you are married to another man. This is betrayal!

You must repent to Allah and express deep remorse over your sins and ask Allah for forgiveness. You need to evaluate your situation and whether your husband is a good man or not. If he is a good man and provides for you, this is satan messing up with your head and wants to destroy your marriage. 

Most likely, the moment you divorce your husband, your cousin is going to abandon you as you are not interesting any more. He will tell you that his parents don’t want him to marry a divorced woman and he will leave you because he can’t trust a woman who would cheat on her husband as she can do the same to him.

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