14 Jumada al-Thani 1443

My problem is im pregnant with my daughter this time and i have a son but i again wanted a son i know girls are Allahs rahma i know Prophet had daughters and everything but still i cried and asked Allah why you didn’t give me a son then i will console myself with namaz and quran i also pray regularly i fear Allah i asked for his forgiveness but still i urge it to be a son

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In Divine Will and Decree
Aug 17th, 2019


You should fear Allah as you are ungrateful and have low Iman, despite your prayers and Quran! How dare you object to Allah’s decree like this? Didn’t you compare yourself with the thousands of barren women? Why don’t you look at those who were tested with children with special needs? Would you like a son who is disobedient and evil who would turn your life into a living misery or a righteous practicing girl? 

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