21 Dhul-Hijjah 1441

I married a Christian am a muslim woman. When i married him i didnt know better and we agreed i can practice my religion. But after marriage he keep asking me to go to church with him, this cause so issues in the marriage. I have tried to leave the marriage 3times because i cant be a christian and he is not comfortable with me praying in our home. My family ask me not to leave him. What can i do ?

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In Invalid Marriages
Jul 19th, 2019


What you have done is absolutely prohibited in islam and its not a valid marriage, rather you’re living in zina with him and all your children are born out of wedlock. 

You must immediately leave him at once and if this so called marriage was registered on paper, you must dissolve it and get away from him immediately, besides repenting sincerely to Allah for this grave sin.  He is not your husband and he is a total stranger like any random man walking down the streets.

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