20 Rabi al-Thani 1442

We were in love for a year and now we want to get married off soon to make things halal. Before that, we received a blackmail call which was told to the guy to be away from me. The guys mother checked the cyber police and it was quoted to be my mom. Due to my moms activities, the guys parents are against it.And even my dad supports what my mom does. And he’s against a revert as well. Please help.

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In Pre-Marital Relations
Jun 28th, 2019


You must break off all communication with him and repent to Allah while showing deep remorse and sincerity for having anything to do with him in the first place as premarital relationships are totally prohibited in Islam. 

You can try to convince your father, however, if he does not consent, you must move on as any marriage without his consent would be considered invalid.

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