16 Jumada al-Thani 1443

Sir I’ve been bleeding since 24th ramadan. It stops for a while but starts again after i take a ghusl. It’s really confusing i can’t understand whether its menses or not. The blood is not clotty and flowy. It’s brown in color and i had cramps just for one day and then there is no pain like i have in normal menstruation days. Should i pray sir?

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In Menstruation and post-natal bleeding
Jun 13th, 2019


If the spotting comes before the flow of blood of menses, this is not part of it. You should pray and fast as usual.

But if it comes during the menses or after it  seeing your purity, it is part of menses, unless it exceeds 15 days.

You must disregard any spottings that come in before and after the period after seeing your purity. It is not your menstruation until you see the flow of blood and you must not stop praying, fasting and you can have intimacy with your husband during these spottings. You must wash the affected areas, change the underwear and renew your wudu before paying.

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