4 Safar 1442

My money is stuck in ….. group and I hv filed an FIR the CEO of ….. is now in police custody in my city. Whoever has met her are telling she has no intension of returning the money I recently came across a person who does an amal and is a imam and can help us to get our money. It’s jinns way im aware Can I get it done as my 29lakhs is in ….. and I’m in need of money.

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In Jinn, Witchcraft, Black Magic and the Evil Eye
Apr 6th, 2019


No, it is absolutely prohibited to go to such a sorcerer who utilizes the jinn and going to him and believing in him or doing what he says would take you out of the fold of Islam! 

Make dua to Allah sincerely during times of acceptance, such as in salah in your sujood, in the last tashahud, before making salam, between Azaan and iqama, during the last third of the night, begging Allah until He opens the door and answers your dua and be careful from now about where you invest your money.

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