4 Jumada al-Awwal 1443

durng 1st childbirth my mom went 2 help my wife aftr childbrth 4 few days,my wifes family are ppl who dont like my child to be close with my parents.it causd prblms nd endd n badmanner.wen my mom came to my house wife made sure child spends less time with them,nw durng 2nd child brth my parnts didn go2see to avoid problms,how2 solv prblm wen they seperate child frm grandparents?

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In Fiqh of Marriage
Apr 5th, 2019


Your wife’s family has no right to influence or dictate your personal life or your child’s ability to interact with his/her grandparents.

With that being said, if your wife smothers her child or doesn’t leave the child unsupervised, this is her right as it is equally her child.

You can invite your parents over and stay with the child yourself to make sure they get quality time with him/her. Let the child grow a bit and then you can take him to spends the whole weekend with his grandparents without any interfering from her parents.

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