15 Rabi al-Thani 1442

I met a man who’s known as schooler but he 1st asks our family wealth indirectly ask my salary, he talk too much on everythings he sees & recently he told he paid 20millions for some1 Dept wic I found was nt true,he divorce his wife and he likes proud telling irrelevant stories can a such man recommend as man to marry? I wnt to get marriege bcx am old 32yrs please reply me shiek

By Admin
In Pre-Marital Relations
Feb 14th, 2019


It is not permissible for you to communicate with him in the first place as pre-marital relationships are prohibited in Islam. If he was really practicing, he would have approached your father for your hand in marriage rather than talk to you.

Marrying him is not recommended. They say: you fool me once, shame on you. You fool me twice, shame on me! He is a compulsive liar and can’t be a scholar!  Make a lot of dua in the sujood of your prayers for Allah to send you a righteous husband who would take care of you and cherish you.

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