21 Dhul-Hijjah 1441

My mother in law while having food together always offer food to my hubby n she even takes food from her plate n offers it to him n ignores me though i have made all the food.this is only one thing i have mentioned. my hubby says he can’t say anything to his mom coz he will go to hell.i want to know cant he tell her politely,even if they r doing wrong v should b quiet?

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In Dealings and Attitudes with In-Laws
Feb 13th, 2019


Your mother in law is not required to offer it to you and is only doing what is natural to her by looking after her son.¬†You must act according to your beliefs and convictions! Your good upbringing declares that you are kind and respectful towards your mother in law. Don’t let her attitude make you change your good character! Smile in her face, never defend yourself and never argue with her! This will make her look so bad and she will feel devastated for not being able to make you react negatively to her! You are not obliged to obey her or to listen to her instructions as she is not your mother, however, you must not demand that your husband say anything to her as she is his mother and Allah mandates upon him to remain dutiful towards her.

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