16 Jumada al-Thani 1443

During miraj Did Allah spoke in the voice of Abu Bakr to Prophet Muhammad saw or his own voice

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In Divine Will and Decree
Feb 5th, 2019


Asking such questions can take a person out of the fold of Islam bit by bit!

Do you think Allah is pleased for asking such questions that He didn’t tell us about? Do you think that Allah will not ask you about such questions and why you had the audacity to ask them? 

What type of dog did the youth in the cave had when they slept for 309 years? What was the planet that Ibraheem peace be upon him saw at night and he said that this is my Lord? Allah didn’t tell us about these and more! Wouldn’t you think that one would be sinful for transgressing and asking? 

Fear Allah and ask about what Allah will hold you accountable for on the day of judgement!

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