15 Rabi al-Thani 1442

Sheikh I lost my boyfriend I knew it was good but why I cried what can I do to repair my heart he was not bad and he also Muslim he did not do anything wrong to me but because of distance is problem for us to marry now we lost each other and I feel hurt for it despite of it is good to apart but why I am hurt what should I do Shiekh

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In Pre-Marital Relations
Jan 5th, 2019


This is Satan messing with your mind! Pre-marital relationships are totally prohibited in Islam and you are sinful for having anything to do with him in the first place as he was non-mahram to you. The fact that you are hurt could be a result of your own sins. You must repent to Allah while showing deep remorse and sincerity and move on. Part of your repentance is to be remorseful and to forget him and everything he stood for. 

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