14 Jumada al-Thani 1443

I have a friend who left islam few years back. I met him recently and asked him regarding the matter why he left islam. He gave me an example saying there is a verse in quran saying”no one can say the gender of the child” but after the discovery of ultra sound/gender scan alims changed to”how the child will be good bad etc” he said I love the way how theychange the translation to make it a miracle

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In Divine Will and Decree
Jan 3rd, 2019


This person is an ignorant Kafir!

Only Allah knows what is in the wombs even in the presence of technology! Doctors can’t tell the gender of a fetus before it develops organs! Allah knows the gender way before that. Besides, Allah knows whether the born child would be healthy or not, Wealthy or poor and righteous or a sinner.

No medical doctor can know what is in the wombs except Allah.

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