14 Dhul-Hijjah 1441

I have an abusive father who is destroying my life since childhood. I’m not an emotional person. Now he is throwing me away out of his life. If he dies is it obligatory on his only son(me) to arrange everything(e.g.. his funeral)? I know Allah loves kindness but I can’t do it with this man. Please pardon me & just let me know is it ok if I manage anyone else to arrange everything like funeral etc?

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Dec 21st, 2018


You are asking me to give you a fatwa of depriving you to go to heaven through the middle gate, which is your father. 

You must be kind, gentle, respectful and humble with your father no matter what. If he has wronged you, he will be answerable before Allah and you would go straight to hell if you are disobedient to your parents. 

Don’t miss this opportunity of serving him and gaining Paradise through him. 

Sheikh whenever my mother gets upset even for a small thing she could speak ill towards us, hurtful things. How can we stop her from this? Even if we try to tell her nicely if she is not angry or share to her lectures about this it seems that she never changes or realize that we can be hurt whenever she says negative things.She never apologises to us coz for her she’s our mother.

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