16 Shawwal 1441

I struggle in my life everyday. My problems are mostly friend related. I have friends who gossip about me, who I feel don’t like me, I have friends who never include me in the things they do. I never seem to fit in, since when I was in high school, people smile at me in front of me then gossip about me behind me. I want to know if I’m doing anything wrong and why they do that to me. Thanks.

By Admin
In Etiquette, Morals and Heart-Softeners
Dec 7th, 2018


This could just be your own perception or from shaytan whose job it is to sow discord between the Muslims. You must not think anyone is gossiping about you and as a Muslim, you are required to give them the benefit of the doubt and ignore their faults while anticipating your reward from Allah alone. Keep on looking for a good companion(s) to hang out with. 

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