21 Rabi al-Awwal 1443

I was wondering that today Muslims are suffering many places in the world for example in Kashmir by the atrocities committed by Indian Army or in Syria by Bashar’s regime or in Chechnya by atrocities committed by Russian Army. I ask you why is Allah SWT not getting the Muslims out of these atrocities committed against them? Until when will Muslims suffer? Plz explain.

By Admin
In Jihad
Nov 18th, 2018


If Allah wanted, He could have annihilated all of the enemies of Islam and humanity in a flash. Allah created us to test us in this life and then admit the righteous to paradise and throw the evil in hell for eternity. Unfortunately, Muslims have become diluted, compromising their religion and mixing it with the traditions and beliefs of other religions.

Disbelievers will continue to dominate until the Muslims come back to proper Islam. 

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