4 Safar 1442

Ysday I came upon a Hadith that says, Rasul Allah ﷺ asked a person,”Have you ever felt a headache?” And he replied,”what is a headache?”.So Rasul Allah ﷺ said”Whoever would like to see a man from the people of Hell, then look At this man”. Also a person who doesn’t suffer from headaches is destined to go to hell. And Headaches are a means of forgiveness and reward. Pls clarify

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In Commentary on Hadeeth
Nov 4th, 2018


There is no hadeeth stating that clearly. 

The hadeeth doesn’t indicate that the man is in hell just because he doesn’t have headaches! It indicates that headaches are a good sign of the people of Jannah as they are being tested. 

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