24 Dhul-Hijjah 1441

Here in our area Pamplets for voting are being distributed.I hve heard from my father tht voting is a must otherwise it may cause problems.As far as i know voting is just on a local base.Otherwise we hve a kingdom here.If i vote does it make me a kafir or should i not vote or must vote?Please explain.

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In Islamic Politics
Oct 27th, 2018


Voting is not an Islamic thing as democracy goes against the rule of Allah and defies it. However, scholars say that whenever the vote of Muslims may have an impact, we should join and vote to make a difference.

This means that we must vote for the person that would benefit Muslims and Islam most of the two.

If the non-Muslim is better and more fair and less corrupt, we should vote for him as the Muslim ruler’s Islam would not do us any good if he is not practicing and trustworthy.


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