25 Dhul-Qa'dah 1441

Im 30yrs old women with three kids i wrote u last time about my thyroid issue now the reports are out and it have come pisitive for thyroid cancer i really dont know what to do feel very depressed . My whole life i asked allah for protection from chronic illnesses whenever i use to hear about someone i used to seek forgiveness and protection but still?

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Oct 18th, 2018


There are those who are tested with paralysis from the neck down. Others are tested by famine and drought where they travel for tens and hundreds of miles looking for water while watching their children wither away and die in front of their eyes. Some are tested with insecurity such as rape, crimes and killings. Others are tested with wars and bombs falling on their heads, watching their mothers, daughters, siblings and children burn to death or buried under the rubble while they can’t do a thing about it.

This is your test from Allah and you have to bear it with patience. Would like to exchange your test with any of the above? Be positive and utilize your time. You are not dead yet and this is not the end of the world. Even if the results were negative, we will all inevitably die, one way or the other. Trust Allah and be confident in Him. 


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