14 Jumada al-Thani 1443

A person asked me a question regarding why Allah created us if he new we would end up in heaven or hell. I gave the answer Allah does not decree it before but rather based on their deeds.They asked me that ournt our deeds also based on allah’s decree. I answered that it is based on how we choose right and wrong. Is this correct or have I answered anything wrong.

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In Divine Will and Decree
Sep 27th, 2018


Allah had written all what is going to happen till the day of judgement and that was 50,000 years before He created the creation.

Everything is written down but we don’t know what Allah had decreed!
We can’t blame the divine decree for our sins and shortcomings. It is we who make our own choices and we have only ourselves to blame.
Would you jump from a high riser and say:if Allah decreed that I shall land on my feet safe and sound, it will happen?
Of course not because it is your choice not to do that.
Likewise with believing in Allah and Islam and doing good deeds or bad ones. It is you who choose! 


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