16 Jumada al-Thani 1443

Alhamdullilah i was earning quite well then all of sudden I lost my job 3yrs ago whereas am a regular of all prayers tahajjud, duha, mrng&evng azkar, reciting Quran fasting voluntarily incl of zulhajja, charity, I did all as per Quran and sunnah but my patience has gave up bcoz nothing had moved , what more can I do to convince Allah for rizq, it’s a long time, pls adv

By Admin
In Divine Will and Decree
Sep 5th, 2018


You are a servant of Allah and Allah is the owner of this universe and all what is in it. No one can question Allah or pressure Him to do anything! You must express your total submission, poverty and humility to Him with a heart filled with content over what He has decreed! You have no other choice but to make Duaa and work hard while accepting that Allah has written your provision 50,000 years before He created the universe.



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