4 Jumada al-Awwal 1443

sir m in a panic stage i dnt knw what to do,,,,i always had a doubt that my daughter aged 14 Use insta,,twiter etc,yesterdat i saw my dayghter’s pic with a boy on twiter like a very happy pic,,n when i asked she said he was blackmailing me so i went to meet him n took again pics as he was forcing me so i dnt trust her how i knw what else she did with him?how to knw what happened ?

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In Pedagogy education and upbringing
Jul 28th, 2018


I don’t know! This is something you and their father must look into and deal with it with wisdom and firmness. 

If she is studying in a mixed school, you must take her out and put her in a segregated one or give her homeschooling. Take away from her all smartphones and PDA devices and allow her to work in the living room on a PC that everyone can see the monitor.


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