25 Jumada al-Thani 1443

I was watching football with friend, after the match i said our team lost because the team’s players were not good meaning not very skilled and make too many mistakes, but friend said that it does not matter who play’s skilled or not skilled it is already pre destined, even if you play badly you will still win if its pre destined.Is this correct?

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In Divine Will and Decree
Jul 4th, 2018


This kind of argument is not beneficial and can be illogical at times. 

Allah has placed things according to their means which He had ordered us to follow and take.

Allah’s law is: you work hard, you win. You don’t work hard, you lose.

Therefore, one shouldn’t rely on destiny while he is not  taking the necessary means for it. For example, don’t sit home as a single man and pray for a righteous child without getting married depending on destiny! This is insane!

However, when a calamity strikes, we say as a way of Consolation, this is Allah’s destiny. 


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