24 Dhul-Qa'dah 1441

I had miscarriages last year. The fetus was only 1month old . But After that i have very abnormal periods that last for a long time. After 10days i do ghusl and start praying 5 farz namaaz. Can i also pray nafeel ibaadah like tahajjud, tarawee, eid namaaz, tazbee of Quranic ayats , recite Quran by seeing and fast my missed farz fasts???

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In Menstruation and post-natal bleeding
Jun 18th, 2018


The blood that comes after miscarriage when the fetus is one month old is not post natal bleeding and it doesn’t prevent you from praying. You shouldn’t have stopped praying for 10 days.

You can pray and do everything providing you perform wudhu for every prayer until you see your normal menstruation which is identified by its normal characteristic such as the cramps, back pain, the color and the smell.


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