15 Rabi al-Thani 1442

I am married since 6 yrs with 2 children.Before marriage I used to love a guy. I said my parents about him bt they never accepted for marriage. Now I am married to another one which my parents found for me,my husband is very nice person. I respect him alot. I cannot feel love I tried.it’s compromise for me. I always ask forgivness from Allah.He is still in my heart plz help, want peace in my life.

By Admin
In Pre-Marital Relations
Jun 8th, 2018


Such feelings are inflicted from Shaytan who wants you to go into haram again and you must fight and ignore this. You must repent to Allah while showing deep remorse and sincerity as premarital relationships are haram in Islam!

You must be grateful for what Allah chose for you. Being ungrateful for what you have could cause Allah to take away the blessings you do have as a punishment and end up with neither one of them! 

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