11 Ramadan 1442

I frm ……my fther lives in frnce,wrks in rsturnt as a chef.bt prblm is there is a mix of halal&haram food.sme vgtbles r halal&the meat is haram.obvsly he doesn’t eat those bt he cook those.now my qstn is will it be halal/haram?if haram wht shld I do?I’m studying in a vercity level so it’s nt pssble for me to earn now.& aftr my fthr’s death can I inherit his welth?he’s nt soislam frienndly.

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In Halal/Haram Matters
Jun 5th, 2018


Cooking pork and other haram food is prohibited. His income is haram for him but not for others and you can inherit him.  

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