5 Sha'ban 1441

I wanted to know clearly. When does it become mandatory to redo the marriage for husband and wife. My husband gave me talaq 2 times. Both in different occasions. After 2nd one we got together then he left to other country and we were not talking for 2 months, cuz we were still upset with each other. Some say we have to renew or nikah.

By Admin
In Waiting Period of widow or divorcee
May 9th, 2018


If after the second divorce he reconciled with you and told you he got you back, you are still married. If he divorced  you and didn’t reconcile with you, and you got three monthly cycles, you are not married any more and if he wants to marry you, he has to take your guardians approval and pay a new Mahar in the presence of two male witnesses. He has only one divorce left! 

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