14 Jumada al-Thani 1443

what should b our belief in regards to diseases whc according to doctors spread frm person to person. lik my parents n family memebers dnt let me go close to children if i hv cold or fever.Dey say dat it wil spread to children easily.i heard a shaikh in my country saying no diseases spread frm person to person evn small or big. what is th ruling in islam ?

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In Divine Will and Decree
May 1st, 2018


We believe that Allah causes everything in this world by His will and if He wills it, no one would get infected or sick! However, He also ordered us to run away from people with leprosy like we run away from a lion!

We are ordered to stay away from infected places however, there are people who come in contact with sick people, yet do not get infected which means that illness and disease move according to Allah’s will and not by themselves.

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