20 Rabi al-Thani 1442

I had a relation(talking on phone and met 2 3 times in cofe shop) with a girl i know for last 6 years and now she is convincing me for marriage and i’m ready for it.But my parents is’nt happy with that.My parents wants that i do marry with my first couzn.However the girl now is emotionaly facing major problems and she is blaming me for all.please sheikh give your suggestion

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In Pre-Marital Relations
Apr 11th, 2018


You must stop all communication with her immediately and block her from everywhere as there’s no premarital relationship in Islam. This is totally prohibited. 

If you like a girl, you must ask her father(wali) for her hand in marriage.
The girl who would meet guys at the coffee shop wouldn’t make a good wife or a good mother to your kids. 


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