15 Rajab 1442

If Islam is a religion of justice why does it allow a man to marry upto 4 wives? You might give me all those common reasons which are very popular among scholars. I say that there could be numerous reasons like population of women etc, but the fact remains that it hurts a woman, it degrades her honor that she has to share her husband. In one Hadiths Prophet Muhammad saw prohibited Ali to practice

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Apr 7th, 2018


When people give in to Satan’s  whispers and doubts, they become one of his soldiers. They start to reject principles of Islam one by one and this is how they become full fledged hypocrites with Islamic names! They first reject Jihad then accuse Islam of slavery then cast doubt over pre-destiny, and after that, they express their confusion about polygamy and rules of apostasy and homosexuality etc!

This is the religion of Allah and not a soap opera! It is all about submitting one’s will to Allah without any objection or complaint. If a person doesn’t like it or anything related to it, he is not a Muslim anymore. 

Allah says: That is because they disliked what Allah revealed, so He rendered worthless their deeds. 47:9

No one can be Muslim if he or she has the slightest doubt that Islam is unfair!

You have one of two choices; accept Islam wholeheartedly without a shred of doubt or reject it!

The choice is Yours! 


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