16 Rajab 1442

If we are watching something on tv then something about fortune telling comes,is it true that our good deed won’t be recorded for 40 days? Even if we watch it just like this without believing in it ?

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Mar 28th, 2018


The hadeeth of the Prophet salla Allahu alaihi sa sallam is clear. “Whoever goes to a fortune teller, Allah will not accept his prayers for 40 days”

The hadeeth talks about going to a fortune teller. When one reads about this in a novel, he didn’t go to one. It is like someone telling him about his experience in going to one. The listener didn’t go and hence he is not affected by the warning in the hadeeth!

However, if a person believes inside of him that when a prophecy becomes real that this is what the soothsayer or the fortune teller had said earlier, this puts the reader, listener or the one engaged in this at risk and in danger as he believed in other than Allah knowing the future and the unseen.  


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