24 Rabi al-Thani 1443

Sir, I am a mother of 2, 12 yr & 9 yr old. My children offer prayers and read the quran and study daily but the rest of the time they pass their time watching ipad or TV because i dont send them out for fear of bad company. my question is how do i provide halal entertainment to my kids.i try to stop TV and devices and they end up just sitting on the sofa looking at me angrily.

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In Pedagogy education and upbringing
Mar 18th, 2018


You can get them involved in some indoor games or reading stories about prophets or sahabas rather than exposing them to corrupt media. If you can give them an Islamic alternative and halal things to watch, that would be a win win situation. Bottom line is that you must not give them access to haram things to watch as this destroys their Iman. 

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