5 Sha'ban 1441

For a while now I have really tried to stop backbiting and Alhumdulillah, I think I am doing well. I have a problem though as my mum backbites a lot and I don’t get involved but she gets annoyed when I ask her to leave it. I try to say it in a nice way and not be rude, but I know she’s getting and I think she thinks I am being high and mighty. Can you kindly advise as I’m starting to feel distant.

By Admin
In Backbiting
Dec 27th, 2017


You should politely tell her it’s haram or change the topic when she’s about to backbite. 

You must not be part of it at any cost as you cannot please anyone at the cost of displeasing Allah. However, be as diplomatic and respectful as you can. 

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