6 Sha'ban 1441

My husband was effected by magic and he had a khabis or jinn on him. He got treated in dargah and since den he started following dem.Now as a wife wat am i suppose to do.It is not that we did not do Ar ruqeya on him but unfortunately he got cured from dargah and his health did not improve by ruqeya (nauzubillah).Its five years since we r married we hav no kids.How should deal I with him

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In Invalid Marriages
Dec 23rd, 2017


If he visits these dargahs and believes that the dead in the graves can listen to his duas and solve his problems, he’s a Mushrik. 

You must involve elders in the family and try to bring him back to correct Aqeedah, if he persists on his miserable path, you must seek khula from him as you must not be married to a Mushrik. 

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