17 Muharram 1444

Is it Kufr that some Muslims say that Allah CANNOT die or CANNOT oppress, as Allah says He is All-Capable? In a website, I saw that the writer wrote that it is not permissible to say “CANNOT” because it sets a limit to Allah’s Capabilities. They say that rather one should say “He DOES NOT oppress and not that He CANNOT because He can oppress.”

By Admin
In Names and Attributes of Allaah
Dec 23rd, 2017


Allah can’t die as this defies being God, and He Himself told us that He doesn’t oppress because He made that prohibited upon Himself. 

Allah is capable of everything that is possible but not what is not possible. 

If someone uses this logic and says that Allah is capable of doing anything, so can He beget children? We say that this is impossible as this defies being Allah doesn’t beget nor is begotten and this is something that can’t happen. 

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