17 Dhul-Hijjah 1441

The Asharis say that the Quran and Suunah has some metaphorical things. And the Ayats and hadith about Allah’s hand and face are included in the metaphorical. such as the quran says that the sun sets , but to us it is setting actually the earth itself is moving and the sun is rotating around the milky way. How can I refute this

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Jun 23rd, 2017

You need to read the book of Ibn Taimiyah: Al Aqeedah Al Wasitiyah and
other books that refute the claims of these deviant sects as cascading this would mean that all what is in the Quran can be a metaphors including the Angels, Devils, heavens and hell!

This way,  nothing is taken for granted to mean what it means in Arabic because we think that it is all metaphorical. This is a very serious issue that would make people go astray as we see from the different sects and cults.

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