8 Safar 1442

What is the ruling on the leader of a Muslim country who collaborates with the enemies of Muslims against Muslims? For example if he helps the enemies catch Muslims who they are going to torture even without evidence against these Muslims. I read somewhere that this makes one a kafir, so is it permissible to publicly speak against such a person? Muslims are suffering immensely because of this…

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In Islamic Politics
Apr 10th, 2017

Such an issue is a delicate issue as speaking against such an individual
publicly will cause more harm than good.

We first must confirm that he is taking disbelievers allies against all Muslims and he is helping them over all Muslims! If this is confirmed, the scholars would then make sure that there is no obstacles and that all conditions apply to rule this individual as an apostate. If this is done, we must look at the pros and cons of talking publicly against him or revolting.

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