8 Ramadan 1442

A man ws drvng d car on d highway.a man happns t cross d road al of d suddn.As its a highwy nd d man drivng ws in 100mph vch is ok t go on a highwy in dt speed as d speed on dt highwy t driv is abt 120mph nd wt hapns is dt d car crashs nd d man crossng by pasd away aftr being in criticl condtion.nd dis incidnt was compltly a coindence as it hapnd onhighwy cdn’t aply breaks al of a sudn.is there kafara?

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Feb 27th, 2017

As long as he was driving with in the speed limit, there was no fault on him as stated by the police, there was no negligence from him and the deceased was at fault for crossing the highway, there is no kaffarah on him.

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