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Jul 8th, 2016

When Bush and Tony Blair managed to pass a single lie known as weapons of mass destructions (WMD), millions of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan have been killed, injured or displaced as a result. However, when the truth was unveiled, a simple ‘oops’ and ‘sorry’ was sufficient and the Muslims were ordered to “kiss and make up” and forget this “innocent mistake”!

Now, they have the audacity to blame Islam for a handful of savage attacks executed by radical terrorists, though these attacks were unconditionally condemned by Muslims all over the world!

It was Islam that killed millions in WW1 and WW2! It was Islam that brutally killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by dropping its civilized atomic bombs! Then why not accuse Islam of everything else?

There is a clear collaboration between the Sufis, Shias and non Muslims in accusing mainstream Islam of all these heinous terrorist attacks. They openly call the whole world to fight Salafiyah and authentic Sunni doctrine.

Salafiyah  is the essence of the teachings of Prophet salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam. The school of Imam Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahab is a branch of Salafiyah. His teachings have been taught for over 200 years in Saudi Arabia without any “terrorist” incident ever occurring. For ages, we have been living in peace and harmony with the rest of the world!

What has changed then?

It seems that there was an undeclared war against Islam! The so called ‘Super Powers’ have supported the invasion and occupation of Palestine. They fueled the invasion of Afghanistan in the 80’s and the war to liberate it. They fueled the war between Iraq and Iran for over a decade. They collaborated on massacring Muslims in Bosnia, Albania, Somalia, Chechnya and many more.

In the Middle East, scholars and preachers were rounded up or silenced by Muslim governments. Secularists and liberals (known in Islam as ‘hypocrites’) were given a head start to westernize the Muslims. This westernization serves as intellectual conquest and a substitute to physical colonization of the Muslims in their own hometowns!

When scholars were prevented from mixing with the youth and legitimate Islamic activities were outlawed, this resulted in extremists and radicals working underground and recruiting some of the ignorant youth under the umbrella of fighting oppression and establishing justice.

Do we really want to stop terrorism and radicalism? We must Open all closed doors for real Muslim scholars and preachers to work in public and in broad day light! This would eradicate radicalism and restore people’s faith in scholars who follow the Quran and sunnah rather than those who follow their cults and sects.

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