16 Dhul-Hijjah 1441

My daughter is 4 year old and she saw a video on youtube of “Bismillah”. In the video there is this demon figure representing Shaytaan that flies around the little girl, and when she says Bismillah the shaytaan goes away. Since she saw that video, she is afraid of Shaytaan and does not stay in room alone, or go anywhere alone at all. Is it ok if I explain her that Allah resides in out heart and when we are remembering Allah always, and when Allah is in our heart, Shaytaan is far away. Is it ok to tell her Allah resides in our heart. Please let me know.

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In Basic Tenets of Faith
Nov 8th, 2015

What they did is wrong, they must not do that.

You have to explain her that we don’t know how shaitan looks and the video was wrong. Tell her that Allah always protect us and she must not be afraid. Do not tell her that Allah resides in our hearts as this is totally wrong! Allah is on His throne on the seventh Heaven! Tell her that this video is a big lie and these are actors.

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