21 Rabi al-Awwal 1443

Sheikh, though I have no doubt that the blood of those Israeli settlers who publicly applaud the killing of Palestinians and support Israeli Army is halal, but what is the ruling regarding their women who do the same, harass our women and actively take part in “Death to Muslim” Procession? Similarly what is the ruling regarding those women who are living in Israel knowingly that it was unjustly taken from Muslims and she has no right to live here, because they think their God promised them this land, just a devoted wife, sister or mother?

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In Jihad
Oct 14th, 2015

All occupiers are our enemies but we don’t kill except those who fight us among the women and children. Those among them who don’t carry weapons are not to be killed! Also, killing one or two Israelis is not a good idea if this would lead to killing tens or hundreds of Muslims and the disruption of their homes. The Muslims must first get ready before getting involved in such attacks.

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