16 Shawwal 1443

sorry to bother you I was just wondering if you could help me out on this subject it’s about abrogation in islam now there are three rules with this and I’m a bit confused by this I’ll give you the three ruling then ask the three questions one question for each one jazzakkallah ruling 1. Words in the quran but the rulings are un valid we don’t follow anymore. Rulling 2 words not in the quran but we follow the rulling like stoning . Rulling 3 words not in quran and ruling unvalid that we don’t follow anymore jazzakkallah. My questions are for ruling 1 is why are there verses in the quran when we don’t follow them anymore like chapter 4 verse 15 we don’t follow that anymore because of chapter 24 verse 2. Question for ruling 2 why do we follow a ruling when the verse has been abrogated like stoning. Question ruling 3 if the answer for ruling 1 is to show the history of the quran to show why another verse came then why for ruling 3 is not the same for ruling 1 why are those verses not in the quran to show why the new verse came jazzakkallah sorry to bother you Bro I know your very busy so sorry I’m just a bit confused by abrogation :-)

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Sep 12th, 2015

This is Allah’s will!

No one has the right to ask Him why He did this and not that! Allah didn’t give us any justifications and this shows who is a true Muslim who believes and submits and that who is following the footsteps of his ancestor; Satan who refused to prostrate to Adam as it was illogical and he was better than him as he was created from Fire!

We know what happened to him!

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