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My uncle came to visit us and see my brothers son(a baby ,1 and half a year) crying out loud. at this he (uncle) said the baby is afflicted by the evil eye and he gave us something a flour( or powder) like substance originally made from plant roots as a remedy for an evil eye. which is to feed the baby by mixing with food and drink as well as to make the baby wear this substance around his neck. my uncle give me this substance to give them for their baby by my hand by telling me the procedures, how to use it. yet I do not give them and it is still with me. now my brother is planning to go to my uncles village in order to find a medicine for an evil eye. and if my uncle tells him that he already give it to me that medicine(i.e substance); my brother will really fight with me. First, what is the ruling on this? What can I do plz ? did i give him before he went to the village?

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In Shirk and its different forms
Sep 7th, 2015

You should not have taken it from your uncle in the first place and
should have warned your uncle from such practices!
You must tell your brother that he gave you some thing but due to
the fear of shirk involved in it you tried to keep them safe from it,
and tell them about the knowledge you have about amulets, for more
correct  knowledge refer to the link given.


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