14 Jumada al-Thani 1443

There has been a video uploaded all over facebook regarding a person doing tawaaf on some sort of electronic device. I didn’t pay attention to it but then people have made the situations worse. They started giving fatwa based on Hadiths which aren’t even related to it. May Allaah guide all of us. The hadiths are being quoted of Prophet (Peace be upon him) riding on camel and other hadiths

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In Hajj and Umrah
Sep 3rd, 2015

Making Tawaaf on an electronic wheel chair or Sa’aee is permissible, yes Prophet Muhammad Salalahu alaeh wasallam made tawwaf on the back of a camel. However, this scooter was about a year ago and without the permission of the haram authority. This is not applicable now.

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