17 Rabi al-Awwal 1443

My wives cousin wanted to get a khula &she contacted a shaykh called Abdullah Faisal from jamaica to do it and she paid him £50 to get it done. I don’t know whether you’re supposed to get the husbands consent for the khula, however he just told her that she has a good case to get her marriage nullified& he sent her an online certificate of divorce. Is her divorce valid?

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In Khula
Sep 1st, 2015

This Khul’a is void and has no value! one must stay away from such people, who claim to have authority to divorce a married couple! Such contract can only be done in a country ruled by the Sharia and by an Islamic Judge. If it’s done in an non-Muslim country, then the head of the authorized Islamic Center must be consulted. For 50£, this man is cheap and must be a millionaire by now!
And yes, the husband must agree to the khula.

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