16 Dhul-Hijjah 1441

it was about music and similar matters which the quran doesn’t have an explicit comment, but we do have direct evidence from hadhith and commentary of the Salaf regarding certain verses also agreement of vast majority of scholars. This brother questions the reliability of sources other than Quran and calls to use logic and reasoning in order to know whether sometime is good or bad. and according to him this is a commandment of Allah. We don’t need to argue with him but he is generating some following that we are worried about. So just need some evidence from quran and hadhit that forbid following one’s own logic in such matters.

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In Basic Tenets of Faith
Jun 28th, 2015

Such a person is following the footsteps of Satan who was the first one to use his logic when he refused prostrating to Adam, saying that he is better than him; he was created from fire while Adam was created from clay!

Such a person is deviant and an innovator and can be in danger of being a kafir for his beliefs!


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