20 Rajab 1442

 I will be getting married to a revert man who has two children from his previous marriage while he was still a Hindu with a Muslim woman. Their marriage was a civil marriage as he did not convert. They get divorced and the two children are with the mother.  My concern is are these two children (a boy and a girl) considered his children or illegitimate? Is he responsible for the two children? And if I were to marry him, this revert man, is his son a mahram to me? Can we stay under one roof? What about his daughter? Is he a mahram to her? If I were to have children with him in future what are the relations between my children and his children? Please help me to clear my doubts. I do not want to live in sin.

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In Illegitimate children & Lost property
Jan 16th, 2015

Though the marriage was void, he had taken the children in and gave them his name. Therefore, they are now his legitimate children and the boy is Mahram to you.

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